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Today's sun is Tonight's power.

Generate power at no cost, store and manage your energy while saving money and the planet? Yes it's possible!

With 38+ years of experience and 1,400+ registered patents, SunPower is trusted by experts and pioneers such as NASA. We produce and manufacture the highest quality and most reliable solar panels with guaranteed sustainable and ethical production.

We're living in a time where our actions can directly impact the future of our planet. More than ever, it's essential for each of us to contribute to building a greener tomorrow.

So let’s take a stand for our planet today because saving money while saving the Earth has never felt so good!

Purchase a SunPower Reserve battery today.

Get 16 FREE SunPower Performance Panels!

  • 10kWh battery
  • Expandable up to 60kWh
  • Integrated 5kW inverter
  • Integrated home energy consumption insights
  • 10 year warranty
  • Guaranteed 80% capacity at year 10
  • Sustainable: cobalt free

16 x SunPower Performance 6 Black 405W module

  • 405W per panel
  • Total power: 6.48kW
  • 20.6% efficiency
  • Maximum annual degradation: 0.45%
  • Sleek black design with black backsheet, black frame
  • Backed by one of the industry’s most comprehensive 25-year warranty
SunPower Reserve and 16 SunPower Performance Panels 400x400-2

What consumers think of us?

SunPower solar panels: top tier, ultra reliable and trusted.

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 Terms and conditions:

  • The brand does not regulate the markups applied by the installers.
  • Minimum solar panels: 16 units, but the system can be expandable at an additional cost.
  • This offer excludes any installation costs or other fees the installers apply.
  • This offer does not include any STCs, government or state rebates.
  • Purchase between 11th December 2023 and 30th June 2024.
  • The offer will run while stocks last.